Why Ride a Motorcycle?

When it comes to efficiency, cost-effectiveness, skill development, and exploration, nothing surpasses a bicycle. The fusion of the early 20th Century “safety bicycle” with a basic engine gave birth to the familiar motorcycle design we have today. Thus, at their core, motorcycles are uncomplicated and efficient machines, a quality they have maintained for over a […]

Top Exposed-frame Sport Motorcycles from the 2000s

Resurgence of the Naked Sport Bike: The Revival in the 2000s During the 1960s, motorcycles worldwide maintained their ‘naked’ design, with fairings being a rarity. The 1970s witnessed the gradual emergence of fairings on production bikes, notably pioneered by BMW as a standard feature. As the 1980s dawned, fairings surged in popularity, particularly among sports […]

Suzuki Hayabusa: Celebrating 25 Years of the World’s Most Iconic Fastest Motorcycle

Exploring the Many Accolades of the Suzuki Hayabusa: From Outperforming Japanese Rivals to Breaking the 300kmph Barrier Anniversaries are moments of significance that call for memorable celebrations. When it comes to the 25th anniversary of the Suzuki Hayabusa, the iconic flagship motorcycle, Suzuki is determined to make it truly special. In honor of this milestone, […]

Top 15 Sport Bikes for Novice Riders and Young Enthusiasts

While sport bikes are often considered unsuitable for beginners, these models provide slightly lower power while retaining their thrilling performance. Unlike driving a car, riding a motorcycle requires a bit more courage. The absence of any protection besides your riding gear can be intimidating. However, there’s a significant advantage to embarking on the open road […]

Top Five Upcoming Motorcycles of 2023

Below are some notable motorcycles set to release this year. Some are fresh models, some are established favorites, but all of them deserve a closer look, a test ride or at least a moment to appreciate their design. ARCH 1s ARCH is a limited-edition motorcycle manufacturer based in Los Angeles, co-founded by actor Keanu Reeves […]

Introducing the XR150L: Honda Canada’s Latest Adventure Icon

A rugged and versatile dual-purpose motorcycle that embodies toughness, versatility, and affordability: The XR150L by Honda Canada Honda Canada proudly announces the reintroduction of an iconic model to the realm of dual-purpose motorcycles: the 2023 XR150L. The XR150L by Honda Canada is a legendary adventure-seeking motorcycle that offers durability, ease of riding, and affordability both […]

Electric motorbikes are facing difficulties due to undersized batteries and a lack of charging infrastructure

The use of electric power in new cars has been widely adopted and it’s expected that combustion engines will become obsolete in the near future. However, it remains to be seen when electric motorcycles will finally become mainstream. Switzerland has the highest per capita density of motorcycles in Europe. According to the Swiss Agency for […]

History of the Honda CBX1000

In the mid-1970s, Honda needed to re-assure the one-track world who held the scepter. Not only in the field of technology, but also when it came to arousing the passions inherent in motorcycles. Thus, a six-liter six-cylinder was created, which fulfilled both, and in the language of a planned economy, it could be stated that […]

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