Motorbike museum destroyed by fire to be rebuilt

Motorbike museum destroyed by fire to be rebuilt Collectors from around the world pledge to donate several hundred motorbikes to the museum

Top Mountain Crosspoint, the largest motorbike museum in the Austrian mountains, was completely destroyed by fire at the beginning of 2021 along with all its exhibits. Now there is information that the building will be rebuilt. Collectors from all over the world have pledged to donate 250 motorbikes to the museum, even more than what was on display there before the fire.

The Scheiber brothers’ Top Mountain Crosspoint has been called Europe’s highest mountain museum, located at an altitude of 2,175 metres near the Hochgurl resort in Austria. Before the accident, the museum had 230 rare motorbikes in its collection, but now there may not be enough space – after the reconstruction there will be several dozen more exhibits, so the Scheiber brothers will have to increase the area to four thousand square meters.

The Scheibers were known for their love of motorbikes. When the brothers collected 30 rare examples, they conceived the idea of creating their own museum. The exhibition site opened in 2016 in an iconic location: the Timmelsjoch motorway connecting North and South Tyrol is famous for its views, and many bikers come every year to admire them.

By 2021 the museum’s collection included Brough Superior, Vincent, Matchless, Sunbeam and Zündapp as well as James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5. But in January they all burned down in a fire caused by technical faults.

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