The fastest, highest quality and obscenely expensive motorcycle of its time. For such a balance of qualities, the Briton takes the last line of our celebrity parade. ”

Legendary motorcycle brand Brough Superior was founded by young entrepreneur George Brough in 1919. She was distinguished by speed performance and luxury, while from other manufacturers one could not expect either one or the other. Brough Superior has been called the “Rolls-Royce” of motorcycles for its chic finish, build quality and high price tag. It cost £ 170 when most people earn £ 3 a week. By comparison, a decent house at the time was valued at £ 130-180. With a 2-cylinder 1000 cm / 3 engine, it produced 25 hp. At one time, this bike was incredibly fast and with some skill it could accelerate to over 160 km / h.

George could not help exploiting the enormous potential of his cars without taking part in the races. Therefore, he exhibited them in almost all the most possible and impossible competitions. As a result, Brough Superior motorcycles have collected a whole collection of various victories and records on the racetracks. The company lasted until the outbreak of World War II in 1939.

Over the years, about 3 thousand Brough Superior motorcycles have been produced. Today they are among the most sought after by collectors. At one of the British auctions, a 1929 Brough Superior motorcycle was sold for a record $ 454,000.

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