Triumph motorcycles: a triumphant march of motorcycle empire legends

There were two completely different companies at once under the Triumph brand. The first is Triumph-Werke Nürnberg AG from Germany. The company existed from 1896 to 1956.
The Second Triumph is from the UK. This is the equally glorious Triumph Motorcycles Ltd. plant. This brand does not lead its history since the 19th century, experiencing crises and stoppages of production and a change of co-owners, but this does not diminish its popularity.

The British opened in 1984 in Hinckley, Leicester, in a plant that is the successor to the older Bonneville Coventry Ltd, which has been manufacturing machinery since 1902.

The first model of this manufacturer was produced from 1902 to 1904. It used imported parts. In 1905, the first own 3 horsepower engine was assembled.

The first post-war model was the Triumph Grand Prix 500 cc OHV. An excellent 500cc motorcycle built from 1947 to 1949.
As of July 2012, the company was officially recognized as Britain’s largest motorcycle manufacturer. The plant employs 1,600 people.

Initially, the founders of the company had big problems with the competition of Japanese technology. Therefore, they especially did not expect to revive the glory of the leading European manufacturers, which Bonneville Coventry possessed. Agreements were made with a number of companies, such as Harris, a manufacturer of racing parts, and Harris Bonneville motorcycles were produced. This technique has never been imported.

There have been very difficult times in the history of the company. But, on the other hand, whoever did not have them. Even a company as powerful as Honda has had ups and downs when it launched its bikes.

At 9 pm on March 15, 2002, while the company was preparing to celebrate its 100th anniversary as a motorcycle manufacturer, the main factory was destroyed by a fire that began at the rear of the facility. More than 100 fire brigades took part in extinguishing the flame at a huge enterprise. But, unfortunately, they did not manage to localize the fire in time, which destroyed most of the production facilities.

However, the company quickly rebuilt the central plant and returned to production in September of that year. In addition, in 2003, Triumph began construction of a new assembly plant in Thailand, opened in 2006 by Prince Andrew, Duke of York.

In September 2008, Triumph announced that they were expanding their production in Thailand to increase the capacity of over 130,000 motorcycles.

The Triumph motorcycle lovers club operates in the world. And it has many members, including famous people. However, this is not surprising. Even the Ural motorcycle has worldwide fan clubs.

Another popular model in the touring class is the Pacific Blue Triumph Trophy SE. The liquid-cooled 3-cylinder DOHC 1210cc engine, excellent 6-speed gearbox and excellent driving performance made this 2013 model very attractive to buyers.

The Sprint GT model is very popular not only in the UK but also far beyond its borders. There are many interesting reviews on the Triumph Sprint GT on the net.

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