Royal Enfield will plant a tree for every motorbike sold in Italy

India’s Royal Enfield is embarking on an eco-friendly partnership with Italian platform Treedom. The manufacturer promises to drop off a tree for every bike sold on the market.

Established eleven years ago, Treedom became the world’s first online tree-planting service. The Treedom representatives support tens of thousands of farmers all over the world who not only give money for tree planting, but also monitor the condition of the trees over time.

Treedom aligns its partnership with Royal Enfield’s sustainable mobility concept to make the world a better place for new generations of bikers. The Indians promise to plant one tree from every one of their bikes sold in Italy.

In addition, the new Riders Club of Europe is inviting current owners to sponsor retroactive tree planting as part of the Royal Enfield Forest programme. The campaign will take place not only in the Appenines, but also in Tanzania, Ecuador and Madagascar.

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