India’s Ultraviolet F77 electric motorcycle hits the market

Ultraviolet F77 electric motorcycle

Start-up based in Bangalore, in the south of India, Ultraviolette has just announced the opening of orders for its first electric motorcycle, the F77. A zero-emission motorcycle designed to compete with 300 to 400 cc thermal models in terms of performance and price.

Delayed by the health crisis, the Indian electric motorcycle Ultraviolette F77 is about to arrive on the local market. A market where it will compete with medium-displacement thermal motorcycles, both in terms of performance and price positioning, since it was the brand’s objective to offer a high-performance and accessible electric motorcycle.

Developed by the start-up Ultraviolette, in Bangalore, the production F77 is very close. Compared to the prototype of the motorcycle unveiled in 2019, the final version of the motorcycle has a new battery offering more autonomy: up to 200 km, and a charging time of 5 hours via the integrated charger (1 hour 30 minutes with an external fast charger).

Ultraviolet F77 electric motorcycle

On the electric motor side, the data remains those announced previously, with a peak power of 25 kW (33.5 horsepower) and a torque of 90 Nm allowing the electric motorcycle to hang a 0 to 60 km / h less three seconds.

Developed using engineering simulations and augmented reality, the Ultraviolet F77 also has numerous sensors dedicated to updating and diagnosing brakes, power and motorcycle handling in real time.

If the orders have just opened, the Ultraviolet F77 series has not yet been officially presented by the Indian firm. Which should be soon.

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