40-year-old Yamaha motorcycle in factory packaging sells

1981 Yamaha SR500 motorcycle

The seller offers to assess the condition of the bike through plastic packaging

Auction house Bring a Trailer put up a 1981 Yamaha SR500 motorcycle for online auction. From the moment of production, the bike was packed in a factory box, where he spent all the following years. The seller did not even open the box to take photos of the motorcycle. You can assess the condition of the lot through polyethylene. A US dealership is ready to part with the “time capsule” for $8,100 (about half a million rubles at the current exchange rate).

According to the description, a silver Yamaha SR500 is available for purchase, the exterior of which is complemented by gold accents, a black seat and alloy wheels. The bike is equipped with a kickstarter, a disc brake on the front wheel, as well as adjustable shock absorbers and a chrome muffler.

The motorcycle is driven by a single-cylinder engine with a volume of 499 cubic centimeters, the return of which is 32 horsepower.

Judging by the photos, Yamaha is in a box in a semi-disassembled state. The motorcycle has the front wheel removed and the handlebars, dashboard, mirrors and turn signals are in a separate foam container. The 41-year-old bike is being auctioned for $8,100.

1981 Yamaha SR500 motorcycle

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